15 Things I Learned From Marathoning Pretty Little Liars

So I happened to be between projects conveniently when Pretty Little Liars was taking a hiatus, so I decided to finally see what all the fuss was about and marathoned the last 3.5 seasons. Not only have I grown an achingly intense obsession with the show (and Caleb), but I’ve also learned a lot too. Like . . .


1. Wet look metallic pants are actually daywear.



aria-montgomery-and-black-milk-pyramids-red-leggings-galleryHanna wetlook pantshanna-marin-outfit



2. You can tell someone’s in juvie if they’re wearing a do-rag.



Toby dorag

Much Music blog



3. There exists a universe where hot doctors with English accents can’t get no love from the ladies.



Much Music blog


4. Someone trying to drown you is a totally forgivable offence.


Paige drownpaige emily kiss




5. Teens these days clear their text history on a minutely basis. (Think about it. Have you ever seen a prior text on the girls’ screens?)




6. There are still some good roles for parrots in television these days.   




7. All small business owners are creepy and to be avoided.


motel owner


JED REES, SHAY MITCHELL, LUCY HALEcreepy doll store lady


8. Larisa Oleynik didn’t actually fall off the face of the earth after 1999.




9. I need to enroll in martial arts class. You know, for self-defence. And stuff. 



Celeb Daily News


10. Just because your best friend was killed, you’re being framed for a murder you didn’t commit, and your illicit relationship with your teacher might get revealed at any moment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress like you’re going to party.



Tea Room


11. Gunshot wounds take just a day or so to heal. Ditto for broken legs. 






12. Everyone in Rosewood leaves their blinds open at night. Especially if they’re being stalked and harassed.


blinds open



13. On that note, being stalked and harassed? No reason not to stay home alone on occasion. I mean, what could go wrong?


aria at bottom of stairs

Alloy Entertainment


14. You might think that playing the piano and texting with a touchscreen phone would be tricky while wearing bulky leather gloves, but that’s where you would be wrong.


A cell phoneA playing piano


15. Evil deeds can only be preformed in a black hoodie (hood up). Barring that, a red coat works.


red coats

The new episode of Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesday October 22nd at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. As if you didn’t know that already.

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5 Responses to 15 Things I Learned From Marathoning Pretty Little Liars

  1. Ron Smith says:

    This is funny. I want to watch this show but my wife says we already watch too many “dumb teen shows.” Or maybe it’s me saying that!

    God, I have a weakness for these shows: The Vampire Diaries, the Secret Circle on the CW (watched every episode before it got canned.)
    Witches of East End. The list goes on.

    My wife just laughs at me and shakes her head.

  2. LOL so funny… I don’t actually watch the show (yet…) but a lot of my friends are really, really into it.

    Also, I haven’t been around here in a while so I just have to say how much I LOVE your new blog/website design. It looks awesome! (Like your book!)

  3. Karla says:

    lmao. how right you are x)

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