A Near Perfect Query Letter!

Born with voracious hunger, Jin has eaten his family out of house and home. But no matter what he devours, his hunger remains. Until he meets the Kitchen God, in his home in the Yandang Mountains. Impressed with Jin’s unearthly appetite, the Kitchen God rewards his new disciple with the gift of cooking the most delicious food in the world. Jin’s wonderful gift brings him fortune and draws the attention of the Green Gang, a criminal organization with ties to his family. His only choice is to run. Ok real talk: how on earth did you come up with such an outstanding and creative concept? I NEED TO KNOW!¬†


Jin journeys from the corrupt city of Shanghai to the shores of the Philippines for a new life but the shadows of war descend. Against the backdrop of World War II in the Pacific, the quiet Jin has nowhere else to run. He must use his gifts to inspire and rally the local militia to fight the Japanese occupation. Jin must find the true strength in his talents to overcome his painful past.


HUNGER: THE LIFE OF JIN is literary fiction with a touch of magical realism of 80-90K words. My only criticism of this excellent query is about your word count: 80-90K is a big range, and it might be a red flag to some agents that you haven’t actually completed the novel. I would round to the nearest 1000 words. ¬†Readers who enjoyed such works as Amy Tan’s THE JOY LUCK CLUB and Laura Esquivel’s LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE will be attracted to this novel.

This is too good. If this query doesn’t land you heaps of full requests I would be very surprised. Thanks for sharing, and good luck (though you probably don’t need it).¬†

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2 Responses to A Near Perfect Query Letter!

  1. Brandy says:

    What an amazing concept!

  2. Ron Smith says:

    I agree. This is a very nice concept. Good luck with the queries!

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