Announcing the second annual Xmas in July Pitch Contest!



It’s time for the second annual Christmas in July pitch contest hosted by myself and Ruth Lauren Steven!


THAT’S AWESOME you say? We agree. But this year, we think it’s even better. And one of the reasons is that we have sixteen agents on board this year, and you are going to want to see that list because it’s IMPRESSIVE.


So. Here’s the timeline:


June 28th: The first announcement (Look, you’re reading it!)


July 5th: The AGENT REVEAL! (We’ll also be telling you how to format your email and where to send it)


July 9th: The submission window (Open 6am to 3pm EST)


July 15th: Winners list goes up on the blogs and winners are emailed


July 18th and 19th: The entries go live on our blogs, your lovely book idea is seen by lovely agents, said agents swoop in to make requests, you are happy, we are happy, the agents are happy and everything is lovely. The end.


And here are the rest of the details:


Just like last year, we’ll be choosing 15 entries each to post on our blogs. The entries will consist of a query letter and the first 500 words of a completed manuscript (emphasis on completed). The entries will be up for two days and there will be 16 agents dropping by to make requests.


And now, a solemn note of solemnness. We want you all to have the best chance possible of getting your work in front of agents/published/wildly successful. We expect that you’re querying and that you might potentially have had some requests from agents. But if you do have numerous fulls out with agents, please don’t enter. It wouldn’t be fair to our agents here.


Solemnity over.


This year we’re opening the contest to YA, MG, and NA submissions (all genres). We’re sorry but we won’t be accepting adult and picture book entries this year.


Only one entry per person please.


If you entered last year, you can enter again, with the same ms if you want to, or a different one. You’ll be sending your entry to an email address that both Ruth and I have access to, so no need to address to one or other of us.


When it comes to Prologues and the like within the 500 words – it’s your entry. Please send whatever it is you want us to read.


You don’t have to follow our blogs to enter, but we’d like it if you did. You can follow us (and each other!) on Twitter too. We tend to get a bit excited and exasperate the whole world delight everyone with stats and updates about the contest. Like last year (when we trended on Twitter, just sayin’) we’ll be using the hashtag #XmasinJuly


See you back here for the agent reveal on the 5th!



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24 Responses to Announcing the second annual Xmas in July Pitch Contest!

  1. Brandy says:

    So exciting! I can’t wait to read the entries! I wish my ms was done so I could enter. Boo.

  2. Yay! So excited for this!

  3. Awesome contest! Does one agent query count as “numerous”? If not, I have an NA MS I’d love to enter. :)

    • Michelle Krys says:

      Nope, one is just fine :) So is a few. Just not like, “I’ve got 8 fulls out and I’m going to pull out of the contest midway because I have multiple offers”.

  4. Heather says:

    Hey Michelle! In this post you said we needed to submit the first 500 words but further down you said it’s our entry – send whatever you want us to read. I just didn’t know if that means we should send any 500 words or the first 500 words. So excited about this contest! Thank you so much.

    • Michelle Krys says:

      Hi Heather! What I said about sending what you want was with regard to prologues. You should definitely send the first 500 words of the manuscript, whether you want to start at chapter one or the prologue is up to you. Hope to see your entry!

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  8. A.M. Pierre says:

    Hey – quick question for you:

    I only have one full out, but it’s with one of the participating agents. Would that be considered disrespectful or unprofessional to enter?

    • Michelle Krys says:

      I discussed it with Ruth and we agree you can enter, but it might be good manners to inform the agent with the full that you’re doing so. Hope to see your entry on the 9th! :)

      • A.M. Pierre says:

        Thanks for the reply!

        After I saw your message, I e-mailed her to make sure it was all right but now I’m concerned she might not see my message before the entries go up…

        If I don’t hear back from her, I’ll honestly be torn, since I don’t want to miss this wonderful opportunity but also would hate to seem disrespectful or rude.

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  10. @AJ_Pine says:

    Hi Michelle! So excited for Xmas in July! Do we submit via email or right here on the blog? Sorry if I missed that somewhere! Thanks for hosting such a great contest!

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  13. Joe Owens says:

    Again I find out too late for one of these things. I wish i could get the news soon enough to take part.

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  16. Max Brunner says:

    I have a manuscript that relies heavily on visual irony (a la Diary of a Wimpy Kid), so illustration notes are a must and are included on nearly every page. I have spoken with an agent who says it should be considered MG and not a PB (it’s about 20,000 words). Is this kind of manuscript acceptable for this contest or is it going to be written off as a PB and be eliminated right off the bat?

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