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A bit of history, for anyone just joining me: For a while now, my editor and I (and anyone I even remotely know, including the twitterverse, my lovely blog followers, and any partygoers unfortunate enough to sit next to me) … Continue reading

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So my sister Brandy got together with our childhood best friend Chantale and my most loyal blog follower Paulina last weekend (Boo to work, because I couldn’t join L ). Chantale reminded my sister about a most hilarious childhood memory, … Continue reading

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So you may or may not have heard me whining about my book title recently. In case you’ve somehow missed it, I’ll fill you in: The Witch Hunter’s Bible, my 2014 debut from Random House (you know I just had … Continue reading

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So this post isn’t particularly helpful to writers, and also smacks a bit of me loving to hear myself talk (type?), but finding out about my book deal was an AMAZING moment in my life and also a bit funny, … Continue reading

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Thrilled doesn’t even begin to cover how happy I am about this news. I’ve known since Monday but was asked to keep quiet until official announcements were made. I practically had to sit on my hands to comply, but now … Continue reading

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