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Let me tell you a story. I was on break at work one night, eating my dinner in the coffee room as I scrolled through Twitter, when another nurse entered and politely asked me about my book. We chatted, all … Continue reading

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Recently, a friend of mine commented that writing books must be so much easier for me now that I’ve been doing it for a while.   I laughed (more like cackled, actually), which my well-meaning friend found confusing. I think … Continue reading

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So this post isn’t particularly helpful to writers, and also smacks a bit of me loving to hear myself talk (type?), but finding out about my book deal was an AMAZING moment in my life and also a bit funny, … Continue reading

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It’s no secret to my husband that I cannot sit down and seriously write if there are absolutely any distractions present, be they the TV practically on mute in the next room, the dogs quietly bathing themselves under my desk, … Continue reading

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“Where the hell do you find time to write?” This has to be the most frequent question I receive from my non-writer friends, right after “Can I have a walk-on role in the movie version of your book?” And I … Continue reading

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And here we are again, for another edition of Things that are AWESOME! Time off work is awesome. I’ve had the last 17 days off work (random vacation time I took), and I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve accomplished … Continue reading

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