Hexed Pre-Order Giveaway!

Update: Winner has been chosen and contacted. Congrats, Becca Fowler! 
Hexed hits the shelves in 3 weeks (OMG, WUT, HOW?), and in celebration, I’m hosting a pre-order giveaway!


So what’s the giveaway, you ask? (Calm down, I was getting to that.)


If you pre-order HEXED from any retailer (local, chain, or online), in any format (e-book, hardcover, or audiobook), and send proof of purchase to michelle.k.krys@gmail.com, you will:


1. Receive a HEXED bookmark and signed bookplate


2. Be entered to win the grand prize pack of:
• A $100 Amazon gift card
• A custom handmade leather ‘Witch Hunter’s Bible’ from AshenFire Originals.
• A signed HEXED poster (Not pictured, but it’s the book cover, and it’s large, glossy and freaking gorgeous).


3. Have my undying love and devotion.


Sounds awesome, amirite? Seriously though. Look those bookmarks. Look at those Bibles. Aren’t they sexy?




30 extra rafflecopter entries will be awarded to those who send proof of purchase to the email address above, although due to certain legalities and to ensure Michelle no go to jail (and also because I like you), anyone can enter without purchase by filling out the form, and your entry will be placed into the Rafflecopter for the grand prize.


The giveaway is open internationally and ends June 10th, 2014 at 0600am EST.


Happy ordering!


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3 Responses to Hexed Pre-Order Giveaway!

  1. Oops! I accidentally hit return while inputting my address and it submitted my entry so I have one incomplete and one correct. There’s always one person who doesn’t follow directions, right? That’s me. :)

  2. GODS, I WANT TO WIN SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!! :-)))) :-( <3

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