News of the CHARMED variety

Exciting news, Hexaholics!


You may remember that I hinted about an exciting pre-order campaign for CHARMED a while back. Many of you asked if it would involve signed copies. I can now confirm that YES, IT WILL VERY MUCH INVOLVE SIGNED COPIES!




I’ve teamed up with the people at to offer you signed and personalized hardcovers of CHARMED. If you choose, you can also bundle your order with a signed, personalized paperback of HEXED, which will be mailed out together. Since I like you, you will also receive a CHARMED bookmark.


Further details:


  • This offer is open from today, March 1st , to April 15th, 2015.


  • The offer is open internationally.


  • Orders will ship to readers on or around release day, May 26th.


  • If you want your copies personalized to someone other than the person making the order, please communicate that in your order.


  • Pre-orders are important to a book’s success. Like, lots. So yeah. Pre-order!


There you have it, folks. Click here to order your signed,  personalized copy of CHARMED! And click here to order a bundle of both HEXED and CHARMED, also signed and personalized. And of course, if you have any questions please feel free to email me at



Lastly, thanks to Melissa Landers for giving me this fantastic idea, which I essentially completely stole from her. As a sidebar, Melissa’s novel Alienated is soooo good. You should totes read it. MA GOATS.

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